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Going on a trip, everyone chooses the mean of transport that best suits them. It can be a train, a bus, a car, a plane and so on. Apart from convenience, there are factors like speed and price that are also taken into account. Preference is almost always given to air travels. Flying is considered the fastest and safest mode of transport. In addition, today plane flight prices are not very much different from train ticket prices. Just a few hours - and you can cross the whole country. Quickly and comfortably. No need to waste one whole day to get from one capital to another. Hop on your plane in the morning and by noon you can already be at a business meeting in another city or even in a neighboring state.

But a cheap transportation is something that is not always easily found, and that not everyone can find. In order to get the cheapest deal, you need to navigate through offers from different carriers. Until very recently, we could learn about those offers almost exclusively at the airport or at other ticket counters, but now everyone can obtain the necessary information on the Internet. It is easy and convenient - no need to head to the ticket counter, and learn about destinations and flights from a travel agent, sitting in a chair with a cup of coffee. The new system is especially essential for residents of small towns, where there is not only no airports but also no ticket counters.

There is a large number of companies on the passenger traffic market, so it is simply physically unrealistic to juggle all of their websites and check prices. So there are special online resources that facilitate passengers’ lives by doing the legwork of searching for your destination flights on official websites of all airlines. Numerous search and comparison engines are available on the Internet, however Trips absolutely stands out among them. Why choose us? - The engine quickly finds the flights based on your search details - We cover a wide range of carriers. Provide you with various offers from a variety of airlines operating in Azerbaijan. - An option to not only find a suitable flight, but also to pre-book it - Presence of additional functions such as 24-hour technical support over the phone - Low airline ticket prices. You end up paying much less than you would at any ticket counter - Convenient payment system

We’ll give you a few tips about what to consider: - Day of the week. Often, airlines drop prices on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It is on these days that you have the highest chance to bag the best deals. - Seasonality also plays an important role. In winter, you can find flights at much lower prices if you fly south. - You can often save considerably on the flight by choosing to fly with a layover. And if it is a long-haul flight, a layover is an excellent opportunity to stretch and relax. - Opportunity to book tickets in advance allows you not only to save on the trip, but also to adjust your itinerary accordingly. - You can choose what to include in your ticket and therefore significantly reduce the cost by ignoring additional services. And if you don’t have a checked baggage, the ticket will cost less.

Low-cost flights are an increasingly popular choice worldwide. Some Azerbaijani airlines have launched their own low-cost transportation lines on certain routes. What makes low-cost carriers different: - One passenger class. - Substantial reduction of additional equipment on board, which saves fuel. - Regularly updated fleet (new aircrafts ensure better fuel economy). - Minimum of free services on board. - Tickets are only available online. These flights are carried out mainly on popular routes and destinations, allowing you to get to your destination fast and without paying a fortune.

Official air companies very often launch action campaigns and promos, during which they offer the best air travel deals. It is therefore extremely useful to regularly check for such offers on their websites. And it also wouldn’t hurt to know which airlines often run these sales. But with our search engine’s help everything’s much easier - you'll always be up to date with all the promotions and discounts!

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